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Use AI to Create Your Story

Have you always wanted to create your own children's book? Well now is the time! With Artificial Intelligence, it can be done in no time. Get that creative juices flowing with this easy-to-use AI tool by Yay!- including professional illustrations too!

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Take Our Quick Wizard

 The first step is actually surprisingly simple: just sit down and fill out a short form with some basic details about your story. What's the title? What's the plot? Once you have these key elements figured out, you'll be well on your way to writing a great story. 

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Proccessing Content

Once you have completed the first step of creating your story, our AI will take over and begin processing all of the details you have provided. It will use this information to create the text and illustrations for your story.


Your Books is Ready!

you'll be able to see your story in its final form and decide whether or not you want to share it with the world. 

About Yay!

Yay! is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create stories for kids. You can make your own story, or choose from many of the stories created on the site. Read books with your child today or create one for free.