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Awareness Joe's

By JLaDale

Joe was born with a rare disease called CMT. It's a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and wasting. Joe is a sweet, intelligent, and cute boy, but he's always been the target of bullies. He's been teased and called names his whole life.


Joe's parents have tried to get him into different schools, but he always gets bullied. One day, Joe comes home from school and tells his parents that he's had enough. He wants to transfer to a new school.

Joe's parents agree, and he starts at a new school the next day. Joe is nervous, but he's hopeful that things will be different.


On his first day in school, Joe meets a girl named Lisa in his new class. Lisa is in a wheelchair and she's the nicest person Joe has ever met. They become best friends.

Lisa introduces Joe boy named Tom. Tom has CMT, just like Joe. They bond over their shared condition. Lastly, Joe meets a boy named Jim. Jim has autism. He's different from the other kids, but Joe likes him anyway.

The four of them become inseparable. They are the outcasts, but they have each other.


One day, they discover that they all have superpowers. They use their powers to fight bullies and raise awareness about their disabilities. They become the Awareness Joe group.

Joe finally feels like he belongs. He's accepted for who he is, and he knows that he has friends who will always stand by him.

- The End -

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