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The Pink Elephant and Rainbow Cheetah and the Uncanny Hootenanny

By Kristine Williams

From dealing with grumpy old zebras, to outsmarting sly foxes, to overcoming their own personal fears, this is a story of unlikely friendship, courage and ultimately, self-discovery.

Alfred the pink elephant was having a terrible day. All his friends had been ignoring him, he had lost his favourite toy and he had stubbed his toe. To top it all off, it was raining. As he walked through the rain, head down, he didn't notice the rainbow cheetah walking towards him until they bumped into each other.



"Oh, I'm so sorry!" said Alfred, blushing.

"No worries," said the cheetah, who introduced himself as Hunter. "I'm actually glad we ran into each other. I've been looking for a friend to go to George's Uncanny Hootenanny with me and it looks like you might be just the friend I need."

Alfred was surprised and flattered that Hunter would want to be friends with him, but he was also a little scared. He had never been to an Uncanny Hootenanny before and he wasn't sure if he was ready for something so...uncanny.

"I don't know, Hunter," said Alfred. "I'm not really the party type."

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"That's okay," said Hunter. "I'm not really either. But I really want to go to the Uncanny Hootenanny and I can't go by myself. Please, Alfred, say you'll come with me."

Alfred thought for a moment and then, feeling braver than he had in a long time, he said yes.

The next day, Hunter and Alfred set off on their journey to the Uncanny Hootenanny. They had to cross a wide river and, since Alfred couldn't swim, Hunter carried him on his back. They made it to the other side without any trouble and Alfred was so grateful to Hunter for his help.


The next hurdle they had to face was a grumpy old zebra who was blocking the path.

"What do you want?" the zebra said, in a voice that sounded like he had been chewing on nails.

"We're just trying to get to the Uncanny Hootenanny," said Hunter.

"You'll never make it," said the zebra. "There's a big, bad, mean lion who's been terrorizing everyone who tries to get to the Hootenanny. You're better off turning back now."

Alfred was terrified. He had never faced a lion before and he didn't know if he was brave enough. But Hunter believed in him and, together, they came up with a plan to outsmart the lion.

The plan worked and, before long, Alfred and Hunter were standing outside the Uncanny Hootenanny, ready to party.


They had the time of their lives, dancing and singing and meeting new friends. Alfred even got to dance with the most beautiful girl at the party, a blue giraffe named Lily.

When the party was over, Alfred and Hunter walked home together, tired but happy. They had faced their fears and overcome obstacles, but most importantly, they had stuck together through thick and thin. They knew that, no matter what, they would always be best friends.

- The End -

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